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Chickpeapasta to cool people

Mutual friendcircle in Lempäälä and coincidence. That combination formed trio of Severi, Terhi & Kysse and Tervens chickpeapasta - soft, tasty pastatreat, that's even healthy.
Because of Tervens' good carbs, you'll feel sated without quick energy peaks. With that you can keep going on for long. Tervens is gluten-free and it's fit for everybody; coeliacs, allergy sufferers and diabetics.
Chickpeapasta is like an easy base, that allows you to build anything you want on top of it. Woks, casseroles, cold salads, you name it... Use this page's recipes or make your own awesome version. Good pasta to cool people!

Nutritional values / 100 g

  • Energy 1319 kJ / 311 kcal
  • Protein 21,7 g
  • Total Carbohydrate 50 g of which sugars 4,2 g
  • Total fat 2,7 g of saturated 0 g
  • Dietary fiber 11,5 g
  • Sodium 0 g


Chickpeaflour and water. Our chickpeaflour comes from Britain. Our Oiva-report

Why Tervens' chickpea?

1. Protein The chickpea Tervens uses is rich in protein, on the same level as meat. Chickpea's protein is complete protein. This means, that you'll get enough of all necessary amino acids. [1] 2. Fiber In addition to protein, Tervens' chickpea also has lots of fiber. Over half of the fiber is non-fusible, what benefits intestines' health. [2] Recommended amount of daily intake of fiber is 25 - 35g, [3] alias eating 100 g of Tervens-pasta will get you to almost a halfway of the minium amount of daily intake.
3. Carbohydrate Tervens' chickpea's carbohydrates absorption is slow - their absorption is even half slower than sweet potato's carbohydrates. [4] To sum it up: no blood sugar-peak, no fatigue even after big pasta-portion and no feeling hungry after eating. 4. Weight control A lot of protein and fiber in chickpeas makes them stuffy and satisfying - It's hard to eat Tervens pasta too much at once. Satisfying and slow absorption of carbohydrates makes chickpea excellent tool
for weight control. It's also excellent base to a vegan meals. In addition to protein, Tervens' chickpeas are also rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus and vitamin B, that are important to vegetarian diet. [5] 5. Speed Tervens' chickpeapasta's cooking time is ridiculously short, fusilli will be ready in two minutes. To add the cherry on top of the cake, chickpeapasta also tastes good! The question is: Why not chickpea?  


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