Beetroot-pasta G

about 4 portions


300 g Chickpeafusilli
about 1kg of beetroots
about 200g of goat cheese
3 cloves of garlic
Fresh thyme


1. Peel and slice beetroots.

2. Put water to boil in boiler pot, add salt and sliced beetroots.

3. Boil beetroots about 30-45 minutes, until beetroots have slightly softened.

4. Chop garlic and thyme.

5. When beetroots have softened, remove the boiling part of boiler pot and put chickpeafusilli to boil in beetrootwater.

6. Put butter to a pan and flip beetroots in the butter, add thyme and finally garlic.

7. Place prepared pasta onto a plate with beetroots. Add goat cheese slices and decorate with thyme.

8. Tervens bonus: add dollop of honey on top of the pasta