Chickpeafusilli & cricket with herbpesto and peas G, L


1 packet of Tervens chickpeafusilli & cricket


fair 1 dl peeled, dry roasted whole almonds
4 dl herbs (Used my own micro-sprouts: basil, cress, arugula, blackmustard, watercress, fennel)
about 1,3 dl coldpressed rapeseed-oil
black pepper

Green pod-plants:

about 2,5 dl frozen soybeans
about 2,5 dl frozen green beans
about 2,5 dl fresh sugar snap peas pod


1. Cook the pasta like said in the instructions.

2. Put all the pesto ingredients in blender. Start with 1 dl of oil then add gradually until pesto is right in texture.

3. I boiled water, seasoned it with salt and added fresh sugar snap peas. After a minute I added the soybeans and green peas. After few minutes I checked, that they were warm and poured the water out. Then I added them to a pestopasta and served the food decorated with sinapis. And I have to admit that cricketpasta was really good and foody. You should try this healthy protein bomb.

Recipe is Anne's handwriting, go check out her Maalaisbistro-blog from the link below.

Maalaisbistro - Makuja saaristosta