Ginger-cabbagewok G

about 6 portions


1 medium-sized cabbage
1 tapered pepper
3 carrots
2 onions
6 cloves of garlic
1 can of mushrooms
1 jar of turkish organic yogurt (400g)
3 teaspoons of green thai curry paste
3 teaspoons of gingerpowder
2 teaspoons of turmericpowder
3 teaspoons of curry
1 tablespoon of blackpepper groat
1 tablespoon of salt (or according to your taste)
(organig) Olive oil for frying
About 200 g chickpeafusilli & ginger


1. Cut the cabbage into thin strips, cut the bell pepper and onions. Slice the carrot into thin slices and finely chop garlics.

2. Heat up the oil in wokpan. Add vegetables and mushrooms, fry while mixing.

3. Right after add currypaste, blackpepper, turmericpowder, gingerpowder, currypowder and salt.

4. Brew with mild heat until vegetables have softed, add oil if needed.

5. Cook the pasta according to package's instructions.

6. Finally mix turkish yogurt and cooked pasta to vegetables.

7. You can decorate the dish with herbs and roasted cashews.