Soymacaroni casserole G

about 6 portions



Chickpeamacaroni & Chili 300g
2 dl dark soygroat
4 dl water
1 onion
4-5 clove of garlic
150g sun-dried tomato
1 bell pepper
1-2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of blackpepper
1 teaspoon of bell pepperpowder
3 eggs
7 dl semi-skimmed milk

On top
400g cottage cheese
150g grated cheddar cheese
stack of basilica ( fresh )
3-4 tomatoes



Prepare soy-filling

1. Chop onion, garlics and bell pepper.
2. Saute onion, garlics abd bell pepper in a pan with oil.
3. Add soygroats and let it roast for a while. Add water and stir until soygroat has bloated and absorbed most of the liquid.
4. Season by your own taste.

Do egg-milk.

1. Mix egg and milk into a bowl.
Add bit of spices for example salt, pepper and bell pepper powder.

Everything into ovendish.

1. Pour the soyfilling and macaronis into ovendish and mix.
2. Pour the egg-milk evenly onto mixture.
3. Put cottage cheese, sliced tomato and grated cheese on top.
4. Bake in the oven's mid-level on 200 degrees about 30-40 minutes or until egg-milk has clotted well.

Decorate with fresh basilica