Tasty pastasalad G, L

To 8 people (150g/ per portion)


4 dl chickpeamacaroni
50 g finely chopped red onion
100 g frozen peas
100 g salad (frisee- and iceberg salad torn and lamb's lettuce)
150 g bread cheese (lactose free) diced
200 g vuolu chicken fillets
50 g dark seedless grapes split in half
parsley for decoration


1 can (200 g) lactose free sour cream
1 tablespoon of buckthorn juice (100 %, unsweetened)
1 teaspoon of sugar
1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
1 dl finely chopped parsley


1. Cook the pasta according to package's instructions. Cool with cold water in sieve, drain well.

2. Prepare the sauce. Mix the ingredients and stir.

3. Add onion, peas and cooled, well drained pastas. Mix and let spice up in fridge for about 30 minutes.

4. Put torn salads on bottom of platter, leave lamb's lettuce on edges to bring flashiness.

5. Put pastamix on top of saladbase and set up chicken fillets, bread cheese and grapes on top of salad.

6. Decorate with parsley.