Team Tervens

Name: Emil Larmi
Year of birth: 1996
Lives in: Hämeenlinna
Sport: Ice Hockey / Goalkeeper
Sport Achievements: U20 World Championship in January 2016
First men's international match in spring 2018
Played two leagues as a first goalie in HPK.


I am 21 year old ice hockey player, that is originally from Lahti but has moved their stuff to Hämeenlinna. According to my memories, my sports-career started about the same time as school did and i found my place in the goal very quickly.

I have walked my own way through juniors in Lahti, following a year in Heinola and from there to my current address in Hämeenlinna. Currently I have two seasons of leagues behind me and third will start once again in autumn.

So far, my biggest achievements are U20 world championship in January 2016 and first men's international match in spring 2018.

My spare time goes mostly to resting and cooking, which especially latter one belongs to my passions. In addition to this my time also goes in some measure to golfing and on a bike. All kinds of sports and movement have always been big part of my lifestyle.

My diet consists mostly of vegetarianfood and I am breaking this stereotypical idea of athletes not being able to live off of a diet like this with pleasure. Also I feel that fresh and pure raw materials are important to me. Tervens' pastas have brought me new alternative of protein source, that has also proved to be very easy, fast and tasty. In addition to this I have also got pasta dishes back to the plate with clear conscience.

My favorite pasta is fusilli with homemade pesto sauce. Easy, fast, healthy and most importantly, tasty!

You can find me in social media with the name @emillarmi

Name: Maria Kytölä
year of Birth: 1997
Lives in: Hyvinkää / Vierumäki
Sport: Pole vault ja heptathlon (track and field)
Sport Achievements: 18 times SM-Medal/Scoreposition in years 2011-2017. First time I competed in Kaleva's competition in 2013 when I was only 15 years old. My best achievement so far is Kaleva's competition's F Pole 8th place. Pole vault's score 385 is on females of all time statistics ranked 27th.

Hello everyone,

I am 20 year old, physical education instructor-student from Hyvinkää, who has sporty lifestyle. I have always done sports. I have tried all kinds of sports. I have practised track and field and football on competition level for many years. Currently I do sports almost full-time. My studies balances my everyday life and in my spare time I enjoy myself mostly at practise. My training includes gymnastics and different kinds of fitness training courses(pilates, crossfit, gym)through the year. So basically my casual life as an athlete includes almost everyday many hours of practise plus caring exercises and other muscle maintenance.

Thoughts about Tervens: Diet is super important in everyday life of top athlete. I spend lot of time thinking about it. Athlete's casual life is scheduling from day to another. Nutritious, fast and easy food is big advantage for an athlete. Tervens products have just the right attributes that have helped me in my everyday life! My own favorite is fusilli and chickpeamacaroni & chili!

I welcome you to follow me in my everyday life: Instagram @mariakytola

Name: Venla Ranta
Year of birth: 2000
Lives in: Lempäälä
Sport: Endurance running
Association: Lempäälän Kisa Yleisurheilu
Sport Achievements: 6 SM-Medals from my own age group SM-competitions, two of them from terrain and 4 of them from outdoor track from the years 2014-2017. In addition to that, first adult SM-competitions alias Kaleva's competitions in 2017, ranked 11th in 3000m steeplechase.


I'm 18 year old endurance runner from Lempäälä. Currently I study in high school's second year in Tampere, Sammo's Keskuluskio's sports line. School and sports take most of my time and I train about. 10 times a week: including harder pullingpractises, more peaceful jogs, muscle maintenance and other sturdy practises.


My athlete career started when I was about seven years old in Lempäälän Kisa track and field school. When I was little, i practised all track and fieldgenres diversely and for some time I also practised football. My favorite sports were almost straight from the beginning ''Long distances''(alias 1000m runs and shorters than that), maybe because I did best at them. I am still going on that road and in season 2017-2018 it would be intended to run 3500-4000km. My main runs have been 3000m and 3000m steeplechase, which I also have total of 4 SM-Medals.

Diet is one part of training, that needs to be done well. To me, eating is sometimes really important, because I suffer from type-1 diabetes and practising while having this illness is sometimes quite tough. That's why Tervens' products are good choice, they have protein and carbohydrate, and together they keep blood's glucose control balanced, especially before practise. In addition to this, they are fast to cook, for example when coming from school hungry. Even the taste is on point! (My own favorite is Chili-Macaroni, yum.)

You can find me in Instagram with the name @venlanna, go check it out!

Name: Matias Mustonen
Year of Birth: 1997
Lives in: Lempäälä
Sport: High jump
Sport Achievements: Junior SM-Competition: 2012 ranked 3rd ja 2016 ranked 2nd
Junior SM-hall: 2013 ranked 2nd, 2016 ranked 2nd ja 2018 ranked 2nd
Junior SM-Relay: 2016 ranked 4th (fence-relay).
SM-Hall (adults): 2016 ranked 6th ja 2018 ranked 9th
Kaleva's competition: 2016 ranked 8th
International match-representation: U20 Nordic Junior Athletics Championships: 2016 ranked 6th


I am twenty-something high jumper from Lempäälä. In addition to sportsfield, I spend my time in Tampere's Hervanta Teknillinen Yliopisto (Hervanta Technical University), because I am studying in technical-natural science line to become graduate engineer. When I was younger, I used to practise swimming and football, but I enjoyed field and track and above all, high jump, so that became my mainsport.

I have collected three SM-Silver medals and one SM-Bronze medal to my trophy shelf. In 2016 I put my international match representation-suit up when I got a chance to represent Finland in Nordic countries international competition. My goal in the near future is to cross high jump bar even higher and get more experience and success on national and international level.

Tervens' products are easy and healthy choice in busy everyday life. Pastas are fulfilling and you get energy that lasts quite some time. My favorite ones are fusilli and more exotic cricketpasta, because it has good protein count. I recommend everyone to try!

You can find me in Instagram with the name @MaunoSuS, go check it out!

Name: Jussi Salo
Year of Birth: 1991
Lives in: Kuopio (Originally from Lempäälä)
Sport: Compound (Ski jumping, Skiing)
Practise amount: 800 hours in a year

My history of sports is quite wide, when I was junior I used to practise ice hockey, football, track and field, skiing and ski jumping. And all of these in the same time, so I kinda felt, that I didn't have enough time... So ski jumping and skiing won me over, alias I became compound man and all the other sports got left out. When I was little, I thought that I would become a NHL-star. I didn't, but top athlete still though.

Thoughts about Tervens: As an athlete I appreciate nutritional values in food very much. Another very important attribute is easiness and speed when cooking. You can find both of these from Tervens!
Coming from practise, you can get nutritious food fast. That's how you get recovering really going and you'll be up and ready for the next practise.

I am Clarissa Pajukoski, 25 year old bikini fitness-contestant and a blogger.

Last autumn 2016 I competed my first bikini fitness-competitions, and they went well as a first-timer. I ranked second in qualifiers Beginners-class (-160cm) and went from qualifiers to SM-Competitions.

In the SM-Competitions, I ranked 8th in the end. My next competition target is in 2018 autumn, because I want to improve my physique in peace, not rush immediately from competition to competition.

I don't have any big sporthistory. When I was a kid I used to ride a horse, but only as a hobby. I started going to gym about 5 years ago and then I started going more. I got into bikini fitness step by step and decided to get up on a stage to test how it would go. This sport requires perseverance and patience. Doing lot of work through the year to get to the goal.

I am happy, that Tervens has joined to support my goals. Tervens is great lunch at work, because it keeps the hunger away for long. When you are working the days and training the evenings, cooking pasta quickly is one of the best attributes! My favorite pasta is probably basic fusilli and gingerpasta, because ginger is one of my favorite spices.

You can follow my everyday life in social media;
Instagram @fitclarissa and snapchat clarup

You can find my blog from this url:

Picture:Tero Turunen

Name: Tia Ruhanen
Year of Birth: 1980
Lives in: Mikkeli
Team: DreamFit Team
Sport: Bodyfitness
Training years: 19 years
Competitions and rankings:
2000 - 2003 fitness
2007 - 2014 bodyfitness
2009 6th
2010 5th
2011 6th
2013 8th
2014 7th

Next goal Autumn 2017 SM-qualifiers and place to SM-Competitions Nordic Fitness Expo

Motto / wisdom of life / adage:
"Treat others like you'd want to be treated."
"Be happy, that's one way to be wise."

Currently I work in Mikkeli with trade name as a massager (classic and sportsmassager) and as a Fitnessinstructor in DreamFit Team. I also do wellbeing- and wellness coach-training.

Friends, good food and just being is the best counterweight to all activity.

I began coaching in 2012. Different educations have fit into the years, from which newest is Suomen fitnessurheilijat ry's level 1 fitness-coach training.(I graduated 3/2017) 16 years I have also been instructing group exercise.

Other trade names: Hairdresser, make-up artist

Tervens tastes good and it's easy to make! My stomach has clearly been feeling better. Physical worker's and fitness-athlete's favorite. Keeps the hunger away and insulin is more balanced. I recommend! All of the pastas work but flavorpastas rock!!

Name: Karin Purhonen
Year of Birth: 1980
Sport: Body Fitness
Training years: 3
Kilpailut ja sijoitukset:
23.4.2017 Fitness Classic, Helsinki Body Fitness general series -168 cm, ranked 6th
24.9.2016 Jyväskylä's SM-qualifiers Body Fitness beginners -168 cm, ranked 10th

In this year's Fitness Classic, I got to finals and that way redeemed a place in autumn's SM-Competition - NFE 2017, to which I am currently preparing. Competition will be held in Lahti on 8th of October.

I became familiar with Fitness-sports through the PT-Training (Tia Ruhanen) in winter-spring 2014.In the same year, for the first time I went to watch SM-qualifiers in Jyväskylä. That's where the spark ignited. Personal trainer-title changed to coach and goal-oriented practise for the competition started in January 2015.

I do gympractises currently 3-4 times/week, in addition to that, body maintenance and resting. Maintenance is independent rolling and stretching, recovering walks and massaging. When the competitions draw closer, I do aerobic practises also. I spend my rest days at home while doing nothing, enjoying slow breakfast and no rush. Also, I enjoy cooking in peace with time.

In the last few years I have learned a lot about myself and competitive sports. Diet has big part in getting the results alongside training.

I have always done sports. I have tried many sports, all possible from rhythmic gymnastics to churchboat rowing. I went to the gym first time in secondary school's PE-class.

Outside of the sports, I am a wife and a mother of two boys. I have a pet cat ☺ I work in the office.

Tervens products have found their place in my diet.

I especially like it when the structure stays firm and doesn't become porridge when cooked, plus the cooking time is short. My favorite from the products is Chickpeafusilli & ginger. Ginger smells already when being cooked and it's tasty with anything.

This summer Chickpeafusilli & ginger have usually found their way to the pan alongside kale and cherrytomatoes + minced meat/chicken/fish/other vegetables. You might not even need other spices. All of Tervens products have been tested ja proven to be usable from macaroni casserole to wok.

Currently I am preparing for autumn's SM-competitions NFE2017, with the sport Body Fitness and so I have spent this summer on a diet. Diet has been built so, that wanted result will be gotten to the competition stage. You'll get less carbohydrate from the diet than in practise season, what affects many things, such as feeling full. Because Tervens' chickpea products are rich in protein, it keeps the hunger away for longer. Flavorpastas also give nice extra flavor to "stripped" portions.