Tropical pastagoblet G, L

6 portions


2 dl chickpeamacaroni
1 dl tropical puree (Bonne)
2 dl lactose free cream
0,5 dl sugar
2 tablespoons of vanillin sugar
100 g ripe mango diced (peeled)
85 g green grapes split (seedless)
85 g dark grapes split (seedless)
2 teaspoons of lime juice
1 kiwi sliced (peeled) for decoration


1. Cook the pasta according to package's instructions. Cool with cold water and drain well.

2. Add macaronis to fruit puree, mix.

3. Add sugars into cream and whip into loose foam.

4. Add fruits, whipped cream and lime juice into macaronis. Mix and let spice up in fridge for about an hour.

5. Divide into six cocktailglasses and decorate with kiwi slices. Enjoy and be surprised 🙂